Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A discussion on Human Rights and Immorality

In case you haven’t read the entire document of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it can be found here.

My friend and I were discussing the first article on Maldivian Critique and he was being a trifle vehement on the fact that Maldivians, as humans should have the right to have sex with each other as long as both of them have each other’s consent just as in the declaration of human rights.

I was fighting on the basis of Morality, telling him what the country would be like if there was the absolute ruling of Human Rights.

“There would be utter turmoil!” I exclaimed. “Think about it! Hookers, nightclubs, discos, drinking and gambling!” He explained.

I just couldn’t get his logic. I felt his vehemence was fuelled by his carnal and undeveloped desires. And he’s usually at the frontline of cutting edge technology and other advancements.

To an evolved mind that can understand the intricate workings of philosophy and poetry, all such lascivious and bodily amusements would be repulsive. Sure, sex is good and clean when you are with the one you are going to be able to love and care for well into the future.

And then there is a right to privacy. What if the entire country was having sex, drinking and smoking pot and doing everything that you stand against, right on the streets?

The declaration sure doesn't stop us from having sex on the streets. No, that's left to the Penal Code of the country.

According to Wikipedia, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has come under severe criticism from islamic countries... and these countries have been praised for their strict compliance to the human rights... those who have adopted the islamic law in their states anyway.

But then, I do have a sense of principles that knows what is right and what isn’t, as do everyone else. Do we really need to have a tough Penal Code?

The declaration is incomplete when it is viewed in terms of Morality and Freedom. All I wonder is, where would Homosexuals fit in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?


Velvette Storme said...

do you really care?
The declaration of human rights is utterly neutral. That's how i'd imagine heaven to be. Free of hypocrisy and judging and basically everything that makes some people feel superior and others 'not normal'.

why do you care about homosexual or nightclubs or hookers if they dont bother you?

Live and let live dearest. Thats what the declaration of human rights is about.

Maldivian Critique said...

I am questioning its neutrality. Right now people can discriminate against or for hookers, nighclubs and homosexuals.

The UDHR is incomplete.

vincinity of obscenity said...

nothing human ever IS complete, dude. interesting post. buuuuutt...

i cant agree with wat u said about how a person who is into poetry and philosophy wud find physical stuff whimsical or watnot. sorry, man. as smart as u sound, u didnt make a case there.

the declaration of human rights in my opision, is there just for namesake. people do whatever the hell they want to whoever they want
nobody is stopping anyone. this place is hell, man.

Velvette Storme said...

The UDHR is complete, and so neutral that it will no doubt offend everyone who is adamant that their belief and values are right and others are wrong. It doesn’t offend me because I believe that everyone and everything can coexist without fighting each other and trying to prove their significance above all else. It may offend Muslims because it allows prostitution. It may offend Catholics because it allows homosexuality. But that’s not the point of the UDHR. It’s not about our faith, our belief or our religion. The Universal Declaration of HUMAN rights is about what freedom each and everyone one of us should have as a HUMAN, not as a muslim or a catholic.

Leave your box aside for a moment, leave your faith and values and beliefs and religion for a moment and just think about it. When we shed these skins, we are all humans here, and every human should have the right to BE human.

LIL GIRL said...

wow! its not only me who tinks tis way eh??
last semester.. i did a report on the knowledge level of human rights.. so had 2 go thru tht declaration several times.. n i also did pin point tose kinda tings out in class.. n ended up in like 1 hours debate.. later i was pulled out in class n given a "piece" =/
gud 2 kno tht u also tink tht its not fair n square n tht it doesnt invlve every necessary ting..

Maldivian Critique said...

vicinity of obscenity, this place is truly hell. It is our choice, to either go with the flow or stand up for what we think is right.

lil girl, I am glad to know that you understood what I was trying to say in the Article. For a moment I doubted myself.

If the UDHR is so neutral, it should be comeplete. Just because the United Nations designed it, it doesn't mean that it is incomplete.