Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thoughts on Virginity

I came across this interesting bit of blog today.

So, he starts off on rocky footing... confused whether the article is sexist or not.

1. Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.
2. Attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender.

American Psychological Association (APA):
sexist. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved July 12, 2007, from website:

Oops... better check again. It is sexist :-)

About Guys denying the fact that they're virgins, I have not conducted a poll, but if I were to, I would guess somewhere around 70% of the unmarried youth of this country have had sex, which of course, is illegal. Why do people want to have illegal sex? Haven't we got enough entertainment here in this country already?

Popular Culture. Peer Pressure.

A thought pops up, however. A disturbing amount of married men also claim that they have extramarital sex. Women, if your husbands are going off abroad, I suggest buying yourself a ticket too. What about the guys who get married, for the sake of maintaining appearances... i.e., gay men?

Oh, by the way, guys just don't say to girls that they're virgins... who would want to get into the pants of an inexperienced greenhorn?

It is rather unfair to label virgin guys as depressed, geeky or gay. There are innocent guys in this country, although you might as well keep them in a confined area and keep them in there, according to the comments to this article. What good would that do?

About women, I would refer to the paragraphs above. There are women who have had illegal sex, and there again lies a disturbing thought. I cannot classify anyone without polling, and based on the feedback from colleagues and friends, I would range from 20% to as much as 40% of the country's youth.

Which means, any innocent guy can find hordes of virgin women, but do be careful.

The true story he relates via this article paints a rather grim picture of our society. The worst part is that none of the commenters realized that this isn't really something that you can read, feel, and then forget. You cannot fold your hands and say, "Such is the hypocrisy of the human nature."

* * *

Is there a solution to the rampant sexual misbehaviour of the youth of Maldives? Is it a fault of popular advertisement campaigns: "Fight AIDS, use condoms"? Why do we need condoms if we are having sex with our wives? We do marry after doing the necessary screening for HIV and Hepatitis A and B, right?

We cannot change others. We can only change ourselves. Being in Love doesn't mean you have to have Sex, remember?

And yes girls, stay away from guys who "love" you. Just think about Fareedha, and her lovely nick.


vincinity of obscenity said...

hey u have NO idea how honored i am that u actually took the time to critisize my blog. realy means a lot. and in mot being sarcastic.

well, the reason i explained.. well.. tried to explain that i aint a sexist is as a tribute to a dear friend who claims i am, in fact a sexist. to each his own, huh?

i feel very honored also, in the thought that my little blog actually made you create a "critique" blog just to diss mine. thank you. i feel very VERY appreciated. again, im NOT being sarcastic in any way.

kudos and keep blogging.

Thom said...

nice ... well written... :)

foniboki said...

I'm a virgin and not a loser. Todays youth, they think they can live the way they like, here forever, and don't know how to fear God.

Anonymous said...

THIS CAN ONLY MEAN ONE thing...u are a virgin!!! haha LOSER!! *sad*

Anonymous said...

Maldivian critique seems to have a problem with people having innocent sex, referring it to "illegal sex".

thats exactly what's wrong with Maldives. why can't it be a multi-cultaral society?
those cool people who "fear god" can live in their way, waiting to get the 72 virgins in heaven, why can't they let the others be?

Maldivians sure has some grudge against people's rights.

Velvette Storme said...

Illegal sex?
I get that you're trying to get to the promised 40 'definite' virgins waiting for you in heaven, but sadly, there's no mention of 40 sexy studs waiting for me. So let girls have our fun in this world then ;)

[btw, they used to say 'Abstinence is golden' or some shit like that but lately they've become wiser and realized that people have a need to screw each other. So now they promote safe sex.]

ThalaGolaa said...


dooooo the boogie wooogie!!!
dooooo the boogie wooogie!!!